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Boca Spine & Wellness Center Delivers Safe & Effective Pain Relief with Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is non-invasive procedure, which uses concentrated laser light to induce cellular action. It speeds healing and relaxes muscle tension in the affected area and reduces inflammation. The increased power of our laser also allows us to deliver targeted treatments in less time.

Modern Therapy

Hot laser therapy is one method used to help treat problems such as rheumatoid arthritis, neck pain, osteoarthritis as well as tendinitis. Used in conjunction with other treatments, laser therapy is very successful in short-term pain management. It is also very popular because of the non-invasive nature of the therapy.

Hot laser for pain has been used to:

• Reduce or eliminate pain (especially joint pain)
• Reduce inflammatory swelling
• Reduce scar tissue growth
• Stimulate nerve functions
• Help lymphatic drainage to increase circulation which improves healing
• Relaxes muscle tension which inhibits healing
• Helps generate new and healthy cells and tissues

Targeted Relief

One of the reasons Dr. Fano uses laser therapy for pain relief management is due to the ability to treat only the injured area. Anyone who has tried to put ice only where it hurts, knows how difficult this can be! The very nature of the laser is to allow our staff to apply therapy to the affected areas only. Not only does this help heal the injured area but it does so without stressing the surrounding healthy tissue.
Unlike other pain relief procedures such as surgery, injections or even acupuncture, laser therapy is completely non-invasive. This means no break in the skin which could lead to complications like a secondary infection.

Quick and Easy Treatment

Not only is hot laser for pain is non-invasive, it is quick and affordable. A typical pain management session including chiropractic treatment and hot laser therapy usually takes only 45 minutes. Since the hand-held laser only needs exposure to the affected area, patients remained clothed, and only need to uncover the area that needs treatment. For most patients they may only have to roll up a sleeve or lift up their shirt to receive treatment.

While multiple sessions are required, the therapy is only part of the all natural pain relief program offered by Boca Spine & Wellness Center.

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